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Photo challenge: Close up

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As part of our adventure, Luke and I have decided to do a daily or weekly photo challenge. The current theme is “Close Up”. We actually finished this a few days ago, when we were still in Thailand  I have been waiting for a few more submissions, but I think I’ll close it off before these become too out of date. Next theme has been chosen by Z and is “Window.”

Cashed up - Cris

Close up - MsZ (9yrs)

Outpatients from Oz

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Amongst other things, I went to my first general surgical outpatients today. I attended not quite half of the outpatients session and saw the following cases:

  • Three perianal cases (one booked for theatre)
  • Elderly lady with gallstones with choledocholithiasis (booked)
  • One patient with non-specific abdominal pain
  • 14M with skin sinus over right lower rib, suspicious for osteomyelitis (booked)
  • elderly man with fungating facial ulcer present for 11 years (booked)
  • Paediatric patient with chronically obstructed kidney presenting as a mass (booked)
  • Three (different) young men with testicular swellings
  • One umbilical granuloma (booked)
  • Two patients with vaginal prolapse, one recurrent
Safe to say I’m not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

New Beginnings

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Today my baby went off to school for the very first time.  It was buried in such a busy day and week, that I almost didn’t notice it.  We arrived in Tansen, Nepal yesterday afternoon.  A quick tour, and long unpacking, and a long nights rest.  Or it would have been if the children hadn’t all woken at 3:30 due to excitement and jet lag.

So the kids were off to primary school on the hospital compound here.  There are nine students in the classroom, aged four to ten.  And my baby boy is now one of them.

While they were out, Luke and I were shown around the hospital.  I think Luke was fascinated and impressed by all that was going one.  I, however, kept getting caught on phrases like “open prostatectomy” and “we have a lot of burns patients right now, so they need a lot of operations” and “we’ll make sure you have a resident with you in clinic so they can translate”.  I spoke to the general surgeon here (who is just a few years ahead of me) who reckons there are a lot of standard general surgical cases about, but they aren’t memorable because they cause much less stress.

Tomorrow I have my first day.  I have already met a lot of people, who have all know for months that we are coming.  I feel like I am under a microscope.  General surgeons are desperately rare here, and I know they are wondering how much I know, and how quickly I will pick up the rest. Meanwhile, all I can hear are all the things that are outside my specialty at home, that I will need to deal with here.

Well, my gorgeous big boy got home from school today for lunch, Nepali food prepared by our Didi (housekeeper).  He stood on the stairs and yelled that the food was horrible and he thought we all should die because we ate it.

Let’s hope I cope better with my first day.

Photo challenge: From Above

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As part of our adventure, Luke and I have decided to do a daily or weekly photo challenge. Today’s theme was “From Above”. The kids decided to join in today.

(MrJ - 7yrs)

From Above - J (7yr)

Jump - Cris

From Above - Luke

(Zoe 9yrs)

From Above - Z (9yr)