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Dancing on Sarangkot

September 20, 2015

Over the last week Nepal has celebrated the Hindu festival of Teej.  This is a womens festival, where girls return […]

Life happens

September 9, 2015

Although there are parts of our life here that are very pedestrian, and similar to home, there are also day […]

How did it get so late so soon?

September 7, 2015

How did it get late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness […]

Daily life

September 5, 2015

Our life here is different than it was in Melbourne, but we still do everyday things.  Again, I’m trying to […]

Dear Patient, I apologise

September 3, 2015

Dear Patient I remember you well.  You are a collage of people, but I remember you.  You were a grey-haired […]


August 29, 2015

Every Saturday fortnight, we have an english church service in Tansen hospital guest house.  It is multi denominational and the […]

Lucky privilege

August 22, 2015

I was impressed by a post I read over the last few days about the meaning of privilege.  The premise […]

Settling back in

August 20, 2015

Since I last wrote I have had almost two weeks of rest.  We hijacked the holiday of some friends to […]

A not so boring life

July 29, 2015

We’ve been living and working in Nepal for almost six months now. I made a throw away sarcastic comment about […]

Cowboys and Heros

July 22, 2015

I missed sharing my Friday’s list last week, because I really didn’t feel like it.  It was a rough day. […]

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