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Tweeple are Funny

  1. Jasoncaptain_beef

    Fifi Box is the head frocktard. Kill her, and you stop the others.

  2. drlori71drlori71

    Sometimes it’s better to not ask questions & say, I don’t want to know & I don’t care.

  3. GiggleMedGiggleMed

    Heard in the hallway: “The pleural-urethra fistula is much less common than you think”

  4. David OlsenDDsD

    Will climate change cause the sea levels to rise? I say we should take a wait and swim approach.

  5. ulishoesulishoes

    Pleased to report that the horror domino effect in the kitchen that claimed the life of a wine glass spared the bottle of red wine

  6. drrwintersdrrwinters

    Stadium physician medical fact: Mascot decapitation reimplants have high success. Attach immediately. Do not put in milk on ice.

  7. Myfanwy WarhurstMyfWarhurst

    The most difficult thing about writing a book is the writing bit.

  8. Caseycaseyf

    Doh. Someone filed an abuse complaint with our ISP citing a 6 hits an hour as a “constant attack”. We’re subscribing to their RSS feed.

  9. middleclassgirlmiddleclassgirl

    To the person who DMd to suggest that “Swearing shows that you’re unintelligent”, my son has just learnt the phrase “supercilious cunt”.

  10. Rachael Keilinlipodoc

    Wow, I wonder if it’s possible to auto-asphyxiate from sucking in stomach at the beach?

  11. Andrew L Harrisonadnrw

    I can’t find the cork to this bottle of wine, so I’m finishing it off. 2 glasses down.

  12. ulishoesulishoes

    If I were so inclined I could get quite high right now just by standing in the hall outside my neighbour’s apartment.

  13. Tim Siedellbadbanana

    I’m growing facial hair in November to raise awareness for how creepy I can look.

  14. Wil AndersonWil_Anderson

    All interviews should be done on horseback like at the Cup. I would love to see Kerry O’Brien chase Kevin Rudd down the street on a pony…

  15. Wil AndersonWil_Anderson

    Gotta love a day where people get up early, dress up and battle traffic… just so they can get pissed in a car park!

  16. middleclassgirlmiddleclassgirl

    My dad was a bookie. I’ve got a great story that involves puma tracksuits and sawn off shotguns.

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