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Twitter is a microblogging service that lets people share short updates about what they are up to. There are a lot of doctors, nurses and other medical people on twitter, and they share difficult, funny, horrible and uplifting situations that they go through in their work. Here are some of my favourites from the last few weeks. (Follow me, DrCris, on twitter).

  1. GiggleMedGiggleMedAnd another ER chart… “She has not had her minstrel for the past 5 days” (…yeah, those bastard singing bards run away all the time)
  2. GiggleMedGiggleMedSaw this on a chart: “s/p interplanetary device”
  3. J. SchwimmerKidneyNotesCollecting made-up medical words ending in -ized this week: coumadinized, rectalized, syncopized…
  4. drlori71drlori71Be sure to wash your hands after reading my tweets – I have a cold (or as us doctor folks call it a viral upper respiratory infection)
  5. Kim NewellDrKimMDOverheard: “Only take one toy sweetie; that’s all our insurance plan covers.” This from a mother of my patient, at the toy box.
  6. Aaron LoganpyknosisSick to my stomach about a patient suffering in ways I can’t help.
  7. Kim NewellDrKimMDVital signs: From an ER note about a 2 1/2 yo: “Upon discharge the patient was smiling; had eaten a popsicle; and was able to give “5”.”
  8. Kim NewellDrKimMDGood way to start the week: from my 5 yo patient, “I was waiting all naptime to see you!” (It’s not me; it’s the treasure box….)
  9. a Doctor up North.GPforhireJust lanced a nice juicy paronychia on someones big toe. Lots of pus. Quite satisfying.
  10. a Doctor up North.GPforhireLOL, Doctor says my job is to treat and not to judge. Bollocks, we judge and bitch and moan, but treat nonetheless. Or maybe its just me?
  11. GiggleMedGiggleMedI’ve decided…. The worst possible name for a drug would be “NKDA”
  12. GiggleMedGiggleMedSaw this in the nursing notes: “She has a drug addition problem” (If I take 2 percocets, 3 dilaudid, & an ambien, it’s all really 1 dose)
  13. R. L. Kimberly RoyerKimmehkinsThe most adorable old man with his pants up to his nipples just called me pretty, totally made my day from web

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