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This year I will sit an exam.  This exam is the exit exam for surgical training and is the most important exam I will ever sit.  

How important?

So important that it’s the main topic of conversation with medical friends.  So important that I have been getting out of bed half an hour early every day to have coffee-study with a friend before ward rounds at 6:30am.  So important that my husband is basically a single parent.  So important that I spend a lot of my free time volunteering to be interrogated on topics I don’t know well by people who may potentially employ me, and I would prefer didn’t know amy limitations.

So important that today the majority of surgical exam candidates across victoria and even australia unscrubbed from operating, failed to call the next patient, and generally ignored their job to sit by their email.  These are people who would give up their breakfast for a chance to “cut.”  The application form for the pre-exam course arrived promptly at 12pm and we all scrambled to fill it out and resubmit.  First in best dressed for a course that we already all have annual leave for.  The fax number was engaged for half an hour.  I luckily chose to submit by email. Gotta wait to see if I got in, but I returned the form within 7 minutes.

Wish me luck!

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