Scalpel's Edge

A surgeon's notes

Introducing Scalpel’s Edge

My name is Cris Cuthbertson, also known as DrCris. Over the last few weeks, I have becoming more involved with the medical social networking scene. I have met some great people on Twitter, and through FriendFeed. I wanted to expand some of my experiences that I talk about on Twitter, and intend this to be a more personal blog.

I expect this to be a place where I can discuss my random thoughts on my PhD, my surgical training, patients I meet, and even social networking.

I maintain a few other blogs that are more topic-specific: Applequack (medical software and doctor hacks), DrCris Reads (books) and PatientHacker (patient advocacy). Please keep an eye on what I am doing on those more serious blogs. This one is for fun.

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