Scalpel's Edge

A surgeon's notes

Moments of joy

In the sink Tansen
  • Returning to the sink after four weeks
  • My boy who learnt to tell the time, and now will not stand for rounding to the quarter hour, and insists the wall clock is “wrong” because it is three minutes fast
  • Suturing chicken intestines with our residents 
  • Watching the hospital didis climb increasingly tiny trees to reach the newly ripe guavas
  • A morning after smile from a laparotomy patient, who feels better despite the big incision
  • Childish joyful “Namaste” from kids running after us on the road to the bazaar.
  • Using a zombie quote in a presentation to me church.  Thank you Hugh Howey
  • Giggly video of a baby who lives across the world
  • A conversation in Nepali, mostly understood
  • Cool evenings, no fan required
  • Knitting with handspan wool
Saalu Tansen
  • Scoring a goal (or two) against the hospital director in street hockey.  Take that, boss!

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