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Now for an interview with our youngest, Angus, who is five and started at school here this year.

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What do you like about Nepal?

  • I like bugs
  • I like the whole entire Nepal, even the monsoon.  (The kids all were very nervous about monsoon, because everyone kept talking about it for months.  They imagined it as a weather monster or something).
  • I liked one day we were playing zoo.
  • I like going to the bazaar to buy lollies and a warhammer (A judges gavel that is his favourite toy)
  • I like Nanglos restaurant where I can order ice cream

What don’t you like about Nepal?

  •  I don’t like it when I get bored.
  • You get me in trouble for no reason.
  • Dad once got me in trouble when it was even his fault.  He punished me for when he took the TV remotes and I got angry.

What’s school like?

  • I like school (he said this multiple times).
  • I like getting points for good behaviour
  • I like dress up days like Wacky Wednesday and Pyjama day
  • I like reading
  • I like all of my workbooks – none is my favourite,
  • I like Zonk, but always my team loses.  

Explain what Zonk is…

There’s a caterpillar toy that we call Zonk.  We play as a game to pick up points.  First we answer questions and then we get to pull points out of a jar.  I particularly like “would you rather?” questions that we only play on Fridays.

What are Mummy and Daddy like in Nepal?

Same.  Actually, they’re kind of different.  They give us more lollies.  And Dad likes us.


He didn’t like us before and kept yelling and putting us in time out.  

Mummy works less.  That’s good, good, good, good. (Jacob chimes in to say that I should work more so that less people die)

What do you miss about Australia?

 I miss all my friends.

Which friends?

ALL of them.

I miss Carluccis. (An italian restaurant near our old house).

Who are your friends in Nepal?

All of the people at school is (sic) my friends, even my teacher.

Where do you live?

Macchrepuccre B (the name of our compound house)

When should we go back to Australia?

Maybe in two more days. No.  First we have to stay for one hundred weeks plus one hundred weeks plus one hundred weeks.  And then maybe another hundred weeks.  Let’s stay here for six years. (We currently have no plans to stay here for 400 weeks).


Image note: All of the photos that Angus chose to have for this post involved showing me his bottom, so I chose one from the archives.  This is a photo taken in Pokhara when he was very disappointed by rain on a canoe trip.


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