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I wanted to spend some time sharing some interviews with my kids, so those of you who know them, and miss them, can see what they’re up to.

What do you think about Nepal?


What in particular?

  • I like fishing at the lake in Pokhara. One day we’re going to fish in the river near Tansen.
  • I have two pet rabbits called Kermit and Oggy who I cuddle sometimes. Kermit the one with the white and black tail and Oggies is just black
  • I like how the house has lots of layers (We have three floors and a landing, which has the bathroom off it. So the kids say our four story house is bigger than what we had in Melbourne.)
  • I like playing Sahalu. (This is a hockey game played on a concrete basketball court, with sticks that look more like ice-hockey than field hockey). 
  • School is fun. We play games and have calendar time, which we don’t do in regular school. I like that you can get points to pay for treats like Spirit Week. (Next week is Spirit Week and they have a different dress up theme every day. They earned it a few weeks ago, but have delayed the reward until one of their friends returns from a trip stateside)
  • I have one friend, Mr P. He’s just a friend. He wore my pants one time, when his broke and that was funny. (P is 10 years old and adult sized.)
  • I like church because kids church is more fun. Because I know all the kids really well.
  • I like chiyya (Nepali Chai, or masala tea)

What don’t you like about Nepal?

  • My spider bite. That hurt a lot. Spiders are still ok, though

Are Mum and Dad different in Nepal? 

Yes. Heaps different. Dad normally used lots of computers at home, but now he’s doing lots of building. Mum’s about the same.

What do you miss about Australia?

  • Linda and Adam’s swimming pool. It’s really cool
  • I miss rides on Poppy’s boat
  • I miss the playground at my new school, Gerton. (He’s never attended this school, so I wonder if he just misses good playgrounds?)
  • My friends from school, MrC, Ms A, Mr L, Mr M, Mr R.

When do you want to go home to Australia?

Definitely not in a year. Maybe seven or eight months.


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