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No clean Feed, Senator Conroy

The Minister for Communications, Senator Conroy, supported by Mr Kevin Rudd, has decided that Australia needs an internet filter. The purpose of this is to “keep our children safe”. Theoretically, all ISPs will be required to filter all content to “keep our feed clean.”

Seriously? As a mother of young children, I choose to take responsibility for what they find on the internet myself. I would like to teach them to evaluate and avoid unsavoury content, rather than have the government decide for them. I have every confidence that my children and their friends will be able to hack better than I am – so where will that leave us?

Not to mention the issue of generalized censorship. How can national censorship make sense in an age of global information? We are already let down by our internet capabilities, and struggle under mainstream media monopoly, and now we can’t access the internet? Don’t fool yourself, Mr Rudd, the internet will be slowed by this dragging anchor. I did not vote for this. I will never vote for the stupid-fication of Australia.


For more information on this, visit, and use their suggestions to complain by phone or snail mail (most effective forms of communicating with luddites) to Sen Conroy and your local member.

One response to “No clean Feed, Senator Conroy”

  1. dragonfly says:

    If people want to find smut, they will (or you could argue that it will find them, but anyway).
    My opinion? Fail. Or doomed to, anyway.

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