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SurgeXperiences: Learning and Teaching Surgery

Welcome to SurgeXperiences, the fortnightly blog carnival about all topics surgical. The tentative theme for this carnival is teaching and learning surgery.

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As always, there is evidence that Surgeons require good teaching. Some of them certainly make bad decisions, when left to their own devices. See this report by Medical Quack, and reports on our “favourite” Queensland surgeon who is facing trial this month, Jayant Patel, and probably shown in this one, too Dubai surgeon sues hospital. It is further evidenced by the need for articles like this How to avoid surgical errors


We can learn about surgery from many sources. Medical TV is perhaps not the most reliable, as shown in Your People Will Be My People: The Medical Fairy Tale that is Grey’s. Unfortunately, that sort of information gets fed into patients’ consciousness, feeding their expectations.

Medical bloggers are usually a much better source of information. Survive the Journey’s explores a complicated topic in Transsphenoidal Surgery: Comparison of Techniques Ramona has written an extensive and interesting review the intersection of radiation therapy and reconstructive breast surgery.

Buckeye has also started writing a Friday Surgical Journal review which is great value. The Surgeon shares more surgical news, and is a good discipline-specific site.

USPharmD has some advice about how to reduce your risk of cancer through lifestyle changes.


Surgery is an art more than a science, and Annie’s Surgeon certainly exemplifies this. The practice of difficult surgery is also art, as explained in Patient story: Inside a FairyTale – The day I almost lost my father

Physical Education

Although surgeons today have learnt to use psychological techniques to warm up fro surgery, I am pretty sure not many do a sports warm up. Perhaps they should.

Social Studies

Some old friends of SurgeXPeriences are coming out of the woodwork. Welcome back to Ant Ears, who has posted again after a long break. And what a doozy! More evidence of surgical creativeness.


Surgical “homework” is just as often performed in the hospital, as CCLCM student explains in Dealing with Being Post-Call.

Jeffrey has some thoughts and advice on how to learn surgery, based on his experience: learning surgery – a student’s perspective

Learning new technologies

There have been more reports in the news about robotic surgery. And will we be using more technological forms of cutting like the bladeless gamma knife.

Submit your favourite articles for the next to weeks to the next carnival using the carnival submission form. Past and future hosts can be found on the Surgexperiences carnival index page.

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