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I am slowly starting to discover a world of Australian medical blogging. I have had a hard time finding a blogroll of my Australian colleagues, so I would like to create one here. I sometimes have a hard time picking the Aussies from their blog, so if you are one, ‘fess up! If you would like to be added to the list, please leave your details in the comments, or contact me at “cris at drcris dot net”.


  1. Scalpel’s Edge – A surgical registrar and PhD student in Melbourne (me)
  2. AppleQuack – Medical productivity and software, written by me!
  3. Life in the Fast Lane – Emergency Medicine, Rugby and Health Informatics
  4. Anderstheiology – Ruminations on the craft of Anaesthesia
  5. Oz EMedicine – Written by Dr Gary Ayton, Clinical director of Emergency Medicine at Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne
  6. Strangers Fever Bronze John is a Doctor in Australia, sounds like Queensland, but that’s just a guess.
  7. Jelly head – Jellyhead is a Mum and sounds like a GP
  8. Amanzi Down Under – An african doctor working in rural Australia
  9. Dr Dork – Unfortunately intermittent blog from DrDork
  10. The Paper Mask – Aussie General surgeon
  11. Aequanimatas – Doctor in Toxicology and Emergency Medicine

Nursing and Paramedicals

  1. ImpactEDnurse – Written by Ian Miller, an ED nurse in a Canberra teaching hospital
  2. PRN Penguin – An ICU nurse
  3. Outback Ambo – An ambulance paramedic in outback Northern Territory
  4. Taz the Ambo – An ambo in urban NSW
  5. BitingTheDust – a pharmacist in a remote (outback) Australian community
  6. Tassie Paramedic – Dave is an ambo working in Launceston. He is currently working on intensive care paramedic training

Medical students

  1. Vagus Surgicalis – Medical student in Melbourne, and host of SurgeXperience blog carnival
  2. The Dragonfly initiative – medical student (and aspiring catlady) in Rurality
  3. Medical Student Down Under
  4. My glass eye
  5. Medical Musings
  6. Reminisence portal
  7. Med Students Down Under
  8. Pathologic Basis of KT
  9. Tales of Variable Yayness
  10. The girl with the blue stethoscope
  11. Studying under a palm tree
  12. An experiment in Audacity
  13. I don’t do pink
  14. The scalpel is mightier than the sword
  15. Aquackening
  16. Degranulated – A pharmacist in med school
  17. Med School unplugged
  18. Towards Critical Care A med student in Queensland who is aiming for a career in Critical Care.
  19. MedKit – Aaron is studying biomedical science and attempting to get into a university medicine course.

23 responses to “The Australian Medical blogroll”

  1. Anthea says:

    Here’s an Oz nursing one- ACT based.

  2. Cris says:

    @Anthea: Thanks, Anthea. I will add that to the list.

  3. Cris says:

    @dragonfly: Thanks. I will add those.

  4. Cris says:

    @dragonfly: Thanks!

  5. Cris says:

    Seems like the Med students are now taking over. Any other suggestions for nursing, EMT and doctor blogs?

  6. Outbackambo says:

    Wow, thanks for listing me. Quite honoured.

    Some’s another ambo one:
    * Taz the Ambo – – Paramedic with ASNSW

    Also, the links for the last blogs in each section doesn’t seem to work (linked to the wrong sites, eg. Amanzi Down Under)

  7. Cris says:

    @Outbackambo: You’re welcome for the addition to the list, and thanks for letting us know about Taz. Hopefully, I have fixed the links problem.

  8. Cris says:

    @Robbo: Thanks, added.

  9. jeff says:

    good on you dr cris for making a list. im sure this post of yours will have a high “reference rating” (is that what its called?)

    ill let you know if there are any more i find.

  10. Cris says:

    @jeff: Thanks, Jeff. I have found a couple of lists since, but I am hoping to keep this one as complete as possible, so hopefully it can stay around for a while. I love the idea of Aussie bloggers acting as a reference for new bloggers starting out.

  11. Kezza says:

    This list a great idea Cris! There’s also my blog at:

  12. Jellyhead says:

    Hi Cris, thanks for listing me here. I feel like a minor celebrity! Any minute now I’ll start a gushy speech thanking my parents, and you’ll have to cue some music to shut me up.

    I don’t personally know of any other Aussie medical blogs, but will be sure to come back here and list them if I discover a new one.

    Good on you for getting us disorganised medicos into some sort of order! Thanks again


  13. Taz Rundle says:

    Thank you for the addition. Here is another ambo, Dave from T.A.S. he is based in Launceston and is currently undertaking Intensive Care Paramedic training.
    It’s my home state so I enjoy reading about places I know.


  14. Cris says:

    @Jellyhead: You’re welcome. Somebody needs to bring you all into line….

  15. Cris says:

    @Taz Rundle: Thanks for that. I have added Dave.

  16. Dan says:

    We have just started a podiatry based blog.


  17. Dan,
    I just went to your blog its really good. I am thinking of moving to Australia so have been doing as much research as time allows. Thank you for all the information.

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