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Tweeple are funny

I am laughing at more tweets than I have time to repost.  Here is some of the backlog.

Twitter is a microblogging service where users share their lfe 140 characters at a time.  Here is a collection of some of my favourite “recent” tweets.  The timeline is back to front, with most recent updates at the top.


Darth Vader
darthvader Flight attendant told me to turn off my “electronic devices”. One mind trick later, I’m still breathing. The same can’t be said for her. 
Phil Baumann
PhilBaumann The problem with reading Seth Godin: you’re more likely to get psychotic when facing horrible customer service. 
Phil Baumann
PhilBaumann Status: Did stuff today. Did some more. Gonna do more stuff. Not sure if you care. Sorry if you do. Hugs! 
Stitching Surgeon
stitchinsurgeon just when i start to get concerned about decreased fetal movement they start bringing the funk. i love my babies! 
scanman just finished telling DD a story ‘Guru Paramartha & His Five Foolish Disciples’ She ended up smacking her forehead over their stupidity 🙂 
Kim R
asthepumpturns This semester, I am not going to iron my scrubs, that’s my way of stickin it to the man. 
mathewferguson If you’ve got a day off tomorrow like me then I’ve got a totally awesome idea for us! Let’s all work on our manifestos together! 
Tim Siedell
badbanana The world’s oldest woman died today. No cause of death was listed, so I assume she lost a knife fight with the world’s second oldest woman. 
tjstaab Caught M changing her own poopy diaper. She took it off and was cleaning herself with wipes. Cross that off my list of things to do today. 
Luke Cuthbertson
lukie Icon_lock just seen on Tshirt “Cheer up EMO kid” – made me smile 
SylviaPlath Sunk as low as I ever have last night and dreamt about Peter Costello. Disgusted with self 
Lauren O'Grady
Lilylauren “The problem with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt” 
Tim Siedell
badbanana Good things come in flat, money-shaped packages. 
middleclassgirl It’s official! I am now the age I recall my mother being! 
Mr Onthemoon
firstdogonmoon If you were wondering, I am on holiday. All day. I am moving very slowly, and nothing is a problem. If it is a problem I get into bed. 
drrwinters if i change the tv to more red balance will my 3y/5y daughters sit around and watch pink football players whom i’ll call princesses? win/win 
Bongi1 i must have really pissed karma off somehow 
Dean Giustini
giustini I can’t believe what I’m hearing “Employees now more likely than ever to have inappropriate conversations at work [because of social media]” 

One response to “Tweeple are funny”

  1. Jerry McLlama says:

    Well, this was random.
    By the way, what is “Twitter”?
    I couldn’t understand half of these for the life of me.
    PS: Are you a surgeon? If so, what is it like?
    thanks 🙂

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