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Tweeple are funny

I am laughing at more tweets than I have time to repost.  Here is some of the backlog.

Twitter is a microblogging service where users share their lfe 140 characters at a time.  Here is a collection of some of my favourite “recent” tweets.  The timeline is back to front, with most recent updates at the top.

Geek2Nurse Instructor: “Your thesis topic will become crystal clear to you in the next 24 hours.” Srsly? Okay, I’m waiting 
Bongi1 nothing like the smell on necrotic sigmoied. that’ll wake you up in the morning. 
Riayn Not yet 9am and already people are being complete morons. This does not bode well for the rest of the day. 
doc_rob By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. – Socrates 
SylviaPlath I don’t know if fella should be allowing baby to walk other daughter on lead 
SylviaPlath The great thing about using pine needles to start the fire is that they suddenly explode into big balls of flame
Geek2Nurse “Life doesn’t cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.” ~ George Bernard Shaw 
Geek2Nurse @asthepumpturns You have NO idea (or maybe you do) how many times I’ve groped myself in front of patients. So glad it’s not just me! 😀 
Kim R
asthepumpturns Sometimes when I’m looking for a pen I’ll grab my front scrub top pocket. This doesn’t look right, I must stop this practice 
Kim R
asthepumpturns Blah blah blah best school in the country…blah blah blah! You have my money what more do you want? 
Wil Wheaton
wilw Me: Get off my bed. Dog: Ok. [10 minutes later] Me: Get off my bed! Dog: Ok. [10 minutes later] Me: DUDE! Dog: We can do this all day, pal. 
Mary Harper
mbamaung does anyone else think Igglepiggle is a bit of a drama queen? 
movinmeat It appears the snow gods have been defeated by the wind demons in their battle for the soul of our fair state.
Tim Siedell
badbanana I have reached a point where I must choose between reading this boring legal document or killing myself. Making a Pro/Con chart. 
Kevin Yank
sentience This guy Phil has stuff that’s almost as cool as his friend Steve’s. 
GiggleMed Interesting crisis at home… my 2-year old just saw her own BM for the first time (potty training) & completely freaked out… Completely 
tjstaab Twins keep turning the lights off then run around the house squealing that they’re in a spooky tunnel. I’m now cooking in the dark. 
Tim Siedell
badbanana I just downloaded the entire works of Shakespeare for no other reason than to impress the person who steals my iPod. 
drrwinters went to a running shoe store. they couldn’t take credit cards. that’s a running shoe museum, not a store. 
Mr Onthemoon

3 responses to “Tweeple are funny”

  1. Aaron says:

    Would just like to say thanks for the blog roll. This is a pretty comprehensive list of Aussie Bloggers that helped me both on a personal level and when thinking about what I want to do with my own blog.


  2. Cris says:

    @Aaron: Glad you like it. I will add your blog to the blogroll as well.

  3. Tielserrath says:

    Just a caveat – a doctor who gives in to your every demand is not necessarily a good doctor. Having seen a two year old who had had thirty-seven courses of antibiotics in her short life, and being told by the father that he would be taking her to see the doctor who ‘understood when she was sick’, I would say that a doctor who is not a pushover is more likely to be a good doctor. Markers of concern are a willingness to prescribe antibiotics or sleeping tablets; commencing antidepressants and advising the recipient to return ‘in a month’; failing to explain the reasons for investigations and referrals.

    My suggestion? Ask the receptionist at your local emergency department for a recommendation. Emergency departments know who the quacks are. And register with a large group practice if possible, and see a different doctor each time for your first few visits.

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