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Twitter is a microblogging service where people can share short updates about what they are up to.  There are some funny people there.  I have collected some of the messages I found amusing over the last few weeks.  Follow me on Twitter – I am DrCris.

  1. shannon lamdenauntycookiewon the netball grannie but realised we were in a lower grade than I thought. was voted best on court, doesnt count when youre in B GRADE!!!
  2. firstdogonmoonToday’s cartoon is about something or other, i dunno. Draw your own stupid cartoon.

  3. goldenskyegoldenskyeWhen you are trying to do six things at once, it is not wise to tweet , too.

  4. TheresazoloraThe name “hormone replacement therapy” is misleading. I don’t see why I can’t trade in some estrogen for more endorphins.

  5. Terry BorderTerryBorderI’m supposedly supposed to “brand” myself here on Twitter and Facebook. Position myself so as to sell to “my audience”. I feel nauseous.

  6. Enrico CantumedpianoPondering whether or not I want to maximize my carbon footprint with a new truck…

  7. tjstaabtjstaabTime to get the kids out of the house for a bit before they claw their way out.

  8. BraindockidbraindocIf you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age. – George Burns
  9. Julia TaylorkindlejunkieMust. Stop. Procrastinating. Work won’t do itself. Where’s a Fail Whale when a girl needs one?

  • Julia TaylorkindlejunkieRT @jonfmerz: Been in many life-threatening situations before, I can confidently state that nothing compares to the horror of a play date.
  • andy steeleandysteeleYou have to wonder about a hotel safe that is not fixed or chained down and can easily be lifted out!

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