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I have been MIA for a while, but I still find tweeple funny.  Here are some of the ticklers for the last few weeks.

  1. Dave HughesDHughesy

    Apparently giving a running commentary of what’s happening on tv while your wife cleans up isn’t considered helping. Who makes these rules?

  2. Kim Kimmehkins

    ZOMG! President Obama wants to provide healthcare for ALL citizens he’s destroying America! *rolls eyes*

  3. Cheryl WCherylAnneNY

    I shouldn’t be allowed to shop for Lego after 10pm. My amazon cart is ridiculous right now

  4. middleclassgirlmiddleclassgirl

    Playing pretend shit with the girl. I’m nit sure but I think I just ordered hot pineapple ice cream.

  5. Miss Lily Lilylauren

    Just worked out I can change apple tv music from the bath- this is quite a breakthrough in bathing experience

  6. middleclassgirlmiddleclassgirl

    Just discoveredpics on husband’s phone of me laying naked in sun yesterday!!!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE EWWWWWWWWWE

  7. Sean Carmodyseancarmody

    4 yr old: “why do you have this on the TV if you are looking at your iPhone”. #insiders

  8. Sharonsharre

    Thinking it’s not plagiarists that are responsible for global warming but PhD Students & Academics. I have just filed half the Amazon.

  9. Cheryl WCherylAnneNY

    “Where the Wild Things Are” w/ a bunch of 6 year olds. Saturday nights sure aren’t what they used to be

  10. Junettepurple_velvet

    Dear people next door, shut up. I’m trying to tweet. Although some more snooze time would be better.

  11. Cheryl WCherylAnneNY

    “Yes, he was the token gay alcoholic non-native valet” #bookclubquotes

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